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Paul Downes
I managed to get these pictures of Paul at the club on Tuesday 28 July 1999.

Paul Downes Picture 1
Paul Downes with one of the strange stage expressions that have made him famous!

Paul Downes Picture 2
Pam and Paul get down to business
- sorting out the gig money!

(Shirt - courtesy of Steve Knightley)

Paul is a regular guest at the club.

He recently bought out a superb new CD called "Directly". It includes the track "She Sits Alone" [a personal favourite of the DFC web-editor!]. Great stuff! Thanks Paul!

I have added a few more pictures we have un-earthed of him with Phil Beer. I did not know that Camilla Parker-Bowles was part of Downes & Beer !? Click to have a look now ! !

In addition, he now has an official website www.PaulDownes.com

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