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Fraser Nimmo & Ian Bolens
Scottish folksinger-songwriter Fraser Nimmo combines traditional songs with his own material in an organic mélange of celtic musicality.

His songs cover the whole gamut of human experience and are delivered with flair, wit, compassion and serious digital dexterity on guitar and banjo. (He once injured his right hand and asked the doctor if he would ever be able to play the banjo? The doctor replied that he saw no reason why not. Everyone thought it was a miracle because he could never play the banjo before the accident!)

Essentially a serious songwriter who has been known to raise more than the occasional eyebrow, glass, roof, chuckle and consciousness, he treats his own material with the same conviction that he brings to music from the Scottish tradition, believing both music forms to be inter-related and complimentary.

Fraser has recently teamed up with Ian Bolens a virtuoso guitarist from Canada who has played with many fine singer-songwriters over the years. Their first album Cianalas has been favourably reviewed in all areas of the music press. They are touring extensively in Britain and Europe.

And if you don't come and see them after all that b!**!$£s , then you'll be missing out!

Ian Bolens and Fraser Nimmo Picture 1
Ian and Fraser (photo by Chris Bates)

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