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I managed to take these pictures of Johnny at the club on Tuesday 23 November 1999. Apologies that there are no shots with the guitar - technology failed on me on the first couple of photos!

Johnny makes an annual visit to the club - always with the enthusiasm and skill that makes him so popular. The venue is always packed and the audience are presented with a variety of requested old favourites.

Thanks for all this Johnny!

The good news is that he will be making his annual appearance on 18th November 2008 !


Johnny Silvo Picture 1
The ever bubbling - Mr Johnny Silvo !

Johnny Silvo Picture 2

Johnny Silvo with his most loyal Dartford fans
(Pete! , Where did you get that waistcoat?!)

Mr Silvo now has web presence (other than this page!) at http://www.perrottsfolly.com/JohnnySilvo.html

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