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Long-standing exponents in the art of  B  l  u  e  g  r a  s  s  !

Grassroots are a band from the south-east . Their first appearance with us was about 30 years ago and they still play standing up !

Original members:

  • Terry McCarthy - guitar and lead/harmony vocals
  • Ron Nesbitt - bass and lead/harmony vocals
  • Barry Martyn - mandolin
  • Kelvin Fosberry - banjo, dobro and harmony vocals

New member:

  • Rick Townend - has played fiddle with Grassroots since autumn 2003

They made their mark with a combination of smooth and attractive vocal harmonies, interesting and well-worked-out arrangements, and quality instrumental work; they made an LP album and played all over the UK, and also in America.

They are are now one of the tightest bands around with a humourous presentation. Not to be missed!

Dartford Folk Club organiser Pam Colls says: "We are delighted to welcome the band to Dartford again. With five such talented and highly regarded musicians, this promises to be another very special evening of entertainment."

Grassroots photo
Grassroots (minus their instruments!)
Barry, Terry, Ron, Kelvin & Rick (inset)

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