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Nick Barraclough & the Burglars of Barcelona
The Burglars Of Barcelona (named after a former laptop of Mike Harding's) were all, at one time or another, members of the Cambridge-based band, Telephone Bill And The Smooth Operators. A legendary but almost completely unknown 70s object lesson in eclecticism.

They are:

  • Nick Barraclough playing guitar, banjo and bass
  • Steve Reynolds, accordion, guitar and bass
  • Robb Appleton, harmonica and bass
  • Chris Cox, bass, guitar and mandolin
Their material ranges from lonesome cowpoke laments to velvety slick loungeness along with ludicrously-chorded original songs written by Chris. The rest of it is made up of more or less any song of which Nick can remember all the words. The whole idea is that the band enjoy themselves while trying to get it right. They are very classy and all of them sing jolly well to!

Dartford is looking forward to this one ! ! !

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