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It has always been part of Dartford Folk Club's tradition to encourage Floor Spots and we continue to welcome singers and musicians to the stage

In order to maintain our reputation of running a successful and professional evening, the Club has outlined a few guidelines, which we hope you will find useful!

What is a 'Floor Spot' at Dartford ?
A 'Floor Spot' is a period of time given to an individual, duo or group to perform some songs and/or tunes before the main guest appears on stage. This is usually during the first half of the evening but can occasionally be fitted in before the second half of the main act.
One of the Club's main residents will always open the evening and introduce the Floor Spots.

Why does Dartford Folk Club encourage 'Floor Spots' to perform ?
Musicians and singers, who are new to performing in public, have an opportunity to do so before a sympathetic and listening audience and it is a rewarding way to display new talents and skills. It is a great way for potential artists to introduce themselves to the Club and, of course, it provides a more varied programme of music and entertainment for the audience.

How do I book a floor spot at Dartford ?
The Club prides itself on running busy, popular and successful nights for its members and guests! Where, in the past, it may have been possible to just turn up before the evening starts to arrange a Floor Spot, the organisers now strongly recommend that you plan and book a 'slot' in advance. You can arrange this by either contacting Marj Mitchell (details on our 'How to contact us' page) or, if you visit the club regularly, by speaking in person to one of the organisers.
Due to the tight scheduling of acts, and to ensure the PA system is set up correctly for the booked acts before the evening commences, it is rarely possible to arrange something on the night! So book early to avoid disappointment!!

How long do I get to play ?
This depends on the evening! The booked guests may have pre-arranged extended acts or other Floor Spots may already have been booked to play. As a guideline, the Club will usually offer a period of time, say 10 minutes, rather than a specific number of songs. This is to ensure the evening doesn't over-run.

Will I ever be refused a Floor Spot ?
The Club will not generally turn down a request for an individual, duo or group to play on stage. There may be occasions though where it is not possible to fit in an act on a specific night or, if for any reason there is a delay in the running of the evening, it may be necessary to postpone a Floor Spot. To ensure the smooth running of the Club, the organisers however reserve the right to deny, postpone or cancel a request.

Will I be paid for performing a Floor Spot ?
Sadly, there is no fee available for performing a Floor Spot at the Club! We would like to think the reward itself is the opportunity of playing at one of the most successful and long-established Folk Clubs !!

Do you have any advice for a novice floor singer ?
We would recommend that first you come along to get a feel of what happens at Dartford Folk Club. We are a very friendly team; the organisers and residents will happily guide and/or advise you!

** An article compiled by David Harley, with contributions from: Arcadiamax (Max), Jacey Bedford, Chris Beeson, Ken Bradburn, Pete Coe, Neil Corbett,
Dom Cronin, Diane, Graham Dixon, M.R. Fish, Wendy Grossman, David Harley, Colin Irvine, Jim Lawton, Ken Piper, Irene Shettle, Ian White and Tim Willets.


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